ONDRI’s Impact

ONDRI’s impact has been felt in many ways, big and small: from impacting individuals’ careers, to creating and disseminating tools that benefit the research of others.

Research in action

ONDRI researchers are working on breakthrough discoveries that are poised to impact people living with neurodegenerative diseases, stroke or dementia, as well as their care partners and other community stakeholders.

ONDRI’s research starts with people with lived experience* at its centre, and this focus ripples through all aspects of study design, with impact in: 

  • Basic science (e.g. discovering biological indicators for neurodegenerative diseases)
  • Individual function (e.g. improving treatment of disease symptoms)
  • The health system as a whole (e.g. uncovering and analyzing system-wide data to inform policy decisions on relevant supports needed for this population).

ONDRI’s research is articulated and planned through four aims.

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